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Empanadas x2 (Special Offer)


Two delicious Argentinian empanada puff pastries filled with beef, lamb, duck, chicken, pork, mushrooms or cheese and onion.

Served with a choice of either a pint of Estrella or a gallon of wine.

Order today for next day delivery.

Please let us know what drink you would like served with your meal.

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All dishes price are equivalent to one serving of aprox 200gr portion, salads are 250gr 400gr. And sides 150gr.

Allergies: please inform our staff as nuts can be found in our mains and starters.

We will contact you by email to give you an approximate delivery/collection time for your order.

You must be over the age of 18 to take advantage of this offer.

Beer and Empanadas
Empanadas x2 (Special Offer)